The Hive Publishers is your neighborhood boutique publishing collective dedicated to publishing anthologies of short stories; a category typically underestimated by traditional publishers. Established in late 2019, we endeavor to bring out anthologies across various genres every year.


As our motto states, we are a collective “for the writers, by the writers.” It started one day when a bunch of writers wondered if the days of Poe, Wilde, Doyle, Maugham, and Lovecraft would ever come back. Since when did the art of great short storytelling die under the weight of five-hundred-page novels and reading challenges? That question haunted us. Tired of searching through rows upon rows of books in bookstores for some fabulous short story collections, we decided to do something about it. While the classics are still present in that dark corner of both the physical and digital libraries, we noticed a dearth of contemporary short stories. Being writers ourselves, we understood that many writers are not able to showcase their amazing talent of story writing only because they are not able to churn out novel-length works and that traditional publishers have the tendency to turn their noses up towards short stories.


So, for the love of storytelling, we decided to establish The Hive Publishers, a non – traditional publishing collective, focused at this point only on anthologies.

What started as a collective of passionate writers is now a thriving publishing entity that proudly presented its first anthology on Friday, the 13th March, in a genre that not many traditional Indian writers dare to tread; horror.

Route 13 – Highway to hell, our first ambitious offering, was an anthology containing 13 Horror stories from 13 different and amazing writers. Route 13 has received rave reviews from readers and reviewers and spent eight consecutive weeks at the #1 spot in Amazon’s hot new releases.

Following close at the heel of Route 13 was Project #2, an e-book that was carefully curated by The Hive, with a selected collection of mini tales by our patrons. It is, of course, aptly named, The Best of Mini-Tales, Volume 1.0

Now, if you are someone who prefers thrillers over horror, we served up a seventeen-course meal of chills, thrill, and drills (literally); with our Project#3, Blood Runs Cold. And what you received was a mixed bag of your favorite writers coming back from Route 13 and patrons of The Hive whose stories were handpicked and painstakingly reviewed at multiple levels to entertain your dark side.

Of course, Blood Runs Cold boasts of a bonus section with a curated collection of thriller minitales because we just can’t let you get off that easy.

However, during the transition from horror to thrillers, we feared that The Hive could be typecast into a bucket and a dark one at that. As you would have realized by now, we are anything but suitable to be fit into a box.

So, we decided to surprise our patrons with our next project, Tea with a Drop of Honey. A collection of stories that would soothe your soul. Quite like its namesake. Not only did we manage to get twenty-eight fabulous writers on board to bring you a cornucopia of feel-good stories, we managed to do our little bit by donating part of the proceeds of the sales towards the upkeep of Prani – the pet sanctuary. 

We followed a cup of hot Tea with a box of candies – an anthology of twenty short stories that celebrated romance in all shapes and forms – #Love. This book is the first from The Hive’s stables to come to you in both e-book and paperback formats.  

Our Fifth anthology was Trail XIII – The Path to Perdition, a collection of 13 horror short stories carefully curated for your reading pleasure. 

What is in it for me? 

The question of who we are will go a long way in letting all you know what is in store for you. Are we a publishing entity that would publish anything and everything as long as our patrons paid up?


Are we a publishing entity that forces the contributing writers to buy a certain number of books?


Do we charge anyone for getting their work published?

Hell, No!

We are a bunch of writers who are passionate about the craft and enthusiastic about giving a platform for our fellow writers to shine. If your work is good enough, we will publish it. As simple as that. We don’t just stop with bringing out anthologies. We have a couple of thriving Facebook groups through which we give opportunities for budding writers to hone their craft by participating in our weekly #Minitales and #TinyVerses events.

As evident in our last five projects, we love having you on board with us. Because we believe that no story should remain untold. So, if you have a story to tell, follow us The Hive, engage with us, banter with us, and entertain us with your fantastic tales.

Our engagement is one of the highest among the publishing platforms out there. Come, join us at The Writer’s Nook and La Galeria. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter and stay tuned for the frequent Clubhouse sessions we host in which we discuss the various facets of the art of storytelling.

As the Carpenters once crooned, “We’ve only just begun…”