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The Chronicle of Concurrent Anniversaries

March, 2022.

My wife turning off the rotating fan is the only alarm that can wake me up. While my login hours begin at nine in the morning, my punctual half performs her stunt at sharp 08:45, which pushes me out of the bed and I continue with my strive to survive through the day.

On one such ‘exciting’ day (pun intended!), I logged into my laptop to read the most unforeseen email.


“Dear colleagues, 

The management and the stakeholders extend their heartfelt gratitude for your outstanding contribution in maintaining the business continuity, during the last couple of unpredictable years. 

To commemorate your unparalleled efforts and mark the second anniversary of ‘working from home’ set-up, we are thrilled to announce the commencement of ‘work from office’ week. Each department has been allocated a week to meet and greet their amazing team, at their even more amazing worksite.…….”


And before I could even reveal this news to my ‘ignore-me-if-you-can’ half, Meera, I encountered her standing right behind me. She always reads my emails even before I read them myself. She was carrying a bundle of fenugreek leaves that I was supposed to pluck and chop while attending my morning ‘Zoom’ meeting. She handed me the bundle and instructed- “Finish this fast and I will bring you a few bundles of coriander that needs to be plucked and cleaned as well.”

The mention of the ‘second-anniversary celebrations’ by my company, painfully reminds me about the second anniversary of my marriage (which was two years ago). On that life altering day, the world had knelt down in front of a tiny virus and destiny had bestowed upon us, the heavenly opportunity of working from home, limitlessly (read tirelessly). Initially, we’d mistakenly considered it to be a much-needed break. But, we indeed realized our mistake soon.

While the initial years of our marriage had been an absolute ‘lovey-dovey’ phase (credits to the work from office set-up that both of us used to see each other for less than twelve hours of the day and that had made the co-existing pretty much easy and bearable). However, our recent years together in this work from home set-up only evokes me of how many times I’d ran to find the ‘Dovie’ soap (because my queen is allergic to less expensive brands). And the love has completely disappeared. Staying together under a single roof for twenty-four hours a day and thirty days a month throughout the year; has opened our eyes that were blindfolded during the inceptive year of our marriage.

I suddenly felt an intense urge to visit my office as I’d started finding my manager more reasonable. At the least, he’d his expectations well specified.

On the much-awaited day, I left home earlier to reach the office in time. After driving for almost an hour, I found myself being landed at a place that I’d no clue about. I recalled having my office somewhere in this expanse. But where was it? After making circular rounds of the same place nearly four times, I decided to Google my office on ‘maps’. The results, had me questioning the authenticity of Google as the location that it indicated was the building right in front of me. Alas, I had no familiarity with it. After all; two years, it had been.

I reached the security entrance of the premises only to realize that I wasn’t carrying the electronic security permit that would allow me the access to enter. But wait! When did I last see it? Perhaps, two years back. And, I’d no idea where on the Earth it had been lying since then. Shamelessly, I requested the security to issue me a day pass and he pitilessly informed me of issuing the fiftieth day-card for today.

“How many people have come today?”, I asked him.

“Fifty.” His reply reinstated dignity in me.

While I was happy to meet all my colleagues after a long time, the office chair somehow became the reason for my suffering. After all, I’d mastered the herculean art of working while lying on the bed. Moreover, working at a stretch for more than thirty minutes, was also a distress in itself. And these formal trousers! Either they’ve been too uncomfortable (I don’t remember when I’d wore them last) or perhaps Meera is correct about the change of my waistline size from 34 to 36 in these two years.

Unbelievably, after spending an entire day at the office, I couldn’t wait to go back home. And, throw my trousers away.

Upon reaching home, I realized that Meera was happier after my release back to the office as she’d gotten relief from picking up the same coffee cup from my bed ten times a day. And, refilling it twenty times.

Besides, I was also enjoying my share of happiness as I could now once again play the trump card of excusing myself from household duties reasoning that I’d work pressure.

While working from home, whenever I tried using this secret weapon, Meera always caught me unwary. For she knew, what my manager said over the call and how much work I actually had. (Sobs!!)

Nevertheless, I’ve cleared it to Meera (who is a lifestyle- coach and influencer, by profession), umpteenth times that I am not her follower and she can never influence my ‘not so active’ lifestyle.

We both were letting our suddenly found, profound happiness sink in. Tomorrow, being our fourth wedding anniversary; I was planning to buy Meera some exclusive presents when the breaking news running on the TV brought my senses to the present.


 “Another latest variant of COVID-19 found. The variant is immune to the existing course of treatment. Authorities plan to extend the work from home set-up for another year.”


Before I could react to my dreams being shattered, Meera brought in two bundles of spinach and one kg of green peas as my anniversary gift and wished me – “Happy Anniversary darling!”


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  1. Avatar

    That was hilarious! Had me in splits… a really appropriate take on the theme in our current day situation… with omicorn knocking at the door, good luck with the spinach n green peas! my rating 8/10

  2. Avatar

    Oh my. Already predicting doom for the next year, are we? Well this was a relatable read. The 50th day pass quote made me snigger. A breezy read and relatable too.
    Rating 7.8/10

  3. Avatar
    Ramanjaneya Sharaph

    A very topical and relatable read. The 50 day passes situation was funny. Wish there was more show than tell and the relationship between husband and wife was explored in more depth. Grammar sounded a bit off in a few places. The prompt was nicely woven into the story. Rate this at 6/10.

  4. Avatar
    Ramanjaneya Sharaph

    A very topical and relatable read. The 50 day passes situation was funny. Wish there was more show than tell and the relationship between husband and wife was explored in more depth. Grammar sounded a bit off in a few places. Brackets broke the reading flow, wondering if they could have been incorporated differently. The prompt was nicely woven into the story. Rate this at 6/10.

    1. Avatar

      Quite a relatable read ! The work from home , the plucking of the vegetables and now the new variant. The humour was spot on as was the prompt Adherance. Overall very light and breezy.
      The brackets were a bit distracting. Some places needed tighter editing . 7.5/10

  5. Avatar
    Sudha Viswanath

    Yup a story that is absolutely relatable to the situation these days. WFH has not been a bed of roses as it was thought to be in the beginning, lol. Hopefully all this ends, sigh!!! Another variant is raising it’s ugly head. Husbands would become experts in plucking leafy vegetables. Hahaha.
    Breezy read. 7/10

  6. Avatar

    The story creatively addresses the current scenario of returning to the office and also weaves in the future. as well. There are many pleasant and humorous parts that I enjoyed. It is a very easy to read story. I am thinking why the usage of paragraphs in between. Overall a nice read. My rating is 7.5/10

  7. Avatar

    A nice take on the current situation of the world and what all are going through during these difficult times. Some of the descriptions were hilarious. A little editing would have corrected the grammar in some places. 7

  8. Avatar
    Lakshmi Menon

    I enjoyed reading it. Not commenting on editing possibilities.

    My rating 8/10

  9. Avatar
    Ramya Srinivasan

    Such a relatable story given the current times, bringing out the pressures on a marriage due to the work from home situation. I liked the ending as well. Only feedback I’ve is there were some grammar and punctuation errors that could have been avoided. (; before has. The results, had. After all;) Rating: 6.5/10

  10. Avatar
    Urmi Chakravorty

    A very relatable, current situation chosen as the premise – something we can all identify and probably empathise with!
    Celebrating the second anniversary of the virus and of the wfh scenario – I liked the easy wit and humour woven into the story. The husband’s character appealed to me – accomodating, indeed!

    Noticed a few verb mismatches.
    The mention of ‘initial yrs’ and ‘recent yrs’ of marriage somehow gave the feel of a long married, seasoned couple though it had been only four yrs for them.

    An easy, enjoyable read on the whole!
    My rating – 7.5 on 10

  11. Avatar
    Ratna Prabha

    Hahaha! Slick writing! A key ingredient for good comedy. Despite the oft-written topic, I enjoyed reading it.

  12. Avatar
    Moonmoon Chowdhury

    Mirrors the current situation beautifully. I loved the humour. Also, loved Meera’s character.
    well written.
    My rating 8.5/10

  13. Avatar

    A relatable pertinent read. The humour inherent in a husband wife relationship with respect to wfh scenario was spot on l, but a little jaded. The reissuing of day passes was indeed funny and the trouser tightening was apt.

    A tighter round of editing could be done. The prompt was well adhered to. Funny read. Liked it a lot.


  14. Avatar

    A good laugh that one was. Especially the nuances of working-for-home and working-from-homr flitting through. A story of every household where we stay with the one we can’t live with and live without. Enjoyed the tale. Another round of editing would have smoothened out some spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Prompt adherence- good.
    Rating – 8.5

    Ps – coriander can only be chopped and not plucked

  15. Avatar
    Amrita Sarkar

    This was such a sarcastic and humourous account of a marriage that suffers due to the pandemic. It’s true – the pandemic has changed us in ways even we couldn’t imagine. I liked how you described the gradual transition of a couples relationship from its initial ‘bed of roses’ kind of vibe to that of a mirthless, loveless relationship where the two find excuses to flee from one another. My only point is that I wish a little more of the wife’s POV would have come into play. But the ending was just hilarious. My rating 7/10.

  16. Avatar
    Vaijayanti Panchal

    I don’t have much time, I’m keeping this short and sweet. I simply loved it. Humour is the most difficult genre to write and the author has done complete justice to it. 9/10

  17. Avatar
    Ashvani Sachdev

    A real life description of work from home as Mathura Ke Pere which, as per the proverb, are a cause of regret to those who sample them and also to those who do not. Work from home appeared to be a boon for some time and then started chafing the psyche. The average worker is yet to decide whether he likes home or office as his workplace and possibly hopes for some anniversarial change from one to the other every year. A lovable read. 8/10

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