Twice Upon an Anniversary

Exclusive event for the members of The Writer's Nook

What is this all about?

As a part of The Hive Publisher’s 2nd Anniversary celebrations, we are proud to bring to you a writing event that would challenge and hone your skills – “Twice Upon an Anniversary.”

The Theme: 2nd Anniversary

Use this theme to weave a story between 900 – 1000 words. The story can be set in any genre or could even be an amalgamation of two genres. Let your imagination run wild. Just because the theme is 2nd Anniversary, don’t let it limit your imagination. 

The Rules

1.      Word Count: Any stories that are above or below the word count will not be considered for the prize.

2.      One entry per writer. Send in your best story.

3.      The event is open exclusively to the members of The Hive Publisher’s Facebook Group: The Writer’s Nook. If you aren’t a member yet, click the link to join.

4.      Previously published works are not eligible. The story has to be written exclusively for this event. A simple google search will tell us if your work has been previously published or not.

5.      Plagiarism in any shape or form will not be tolerated.

6.      Once you submit your entries, you may not send in any editions or corrections.

7.      Last date for entries: Midnight, 05/12/2021. (IST)

8.      Results on: 13/12/2021


1.      Each entry will be uploaded to our website: under the ‘Twice Upon An Anniversary’ tab. The stories will be published as anonymous entries, to maintain fairness during the judging process.

2.      All participating authors are required to review each other’s stories in the comment section of the website.

3.      The review should be proper and responsible. Every author desires to know what the readers think about their works. So, please take care to write a proper review. Single line reviews like ‘good work,’ ‘well done,’ and ‘amazing’ are not allowed. You are encouraged to point out the good and the bad in each story, but please do so without being confrontational or abusive.

4.      You are requested to rate each story out of 10 below your reviews. Please ensure that your ratings are as per your judgement of the stories. ‘Twice

Judging Process

1.      A panel of judges, due to be revealed soon, will read all the entries that qualify for the prize and judge each story based on various factors like plot, character, story arc, language and grammar, and emotional impact.

2.      The judges’ ratings are worth 65% of the overall ratings. The readers’ ratings form the balance 35%. 

3. The overall scores will be used to pick the winners


1st Prize - Amazon Gift Voucher worth Rs. 1000
2nd Prize - Amazon Gift Voucher worth Rs. 500
3rd Prize - Amazon Gift Voucher worth Rs. 250

The Judges (TBA)